Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Journey

So Christmas is around the corner and I can't even explain to you how EXITED I am for it!! My hubbies fam and I went and got Christmas tree!! I love how they go and pick out the tree and cut it down it's so special!! We ended up finding the perfect one (; It's up and all decorated!! My place on the other hand not so much we have the ornaments and lights but no tree yet. The boys want sports theme tree, I'm just debating if I want to put rainbow lights or plain, what do you think? I did end up putting some snow-flakes up and two stockings, hehe. My hubby and I are planning making ours sometime soon (hopefully we get to it before Christmas is over, ahh). This year went by so quickly, it feels like time flew by in a heart beat. I'll leave you guys with some picture to look at and I'll update when we get our tree and decorate it (:

Christmas is going to be sports theme, the boys win this year...
They wait and see next year...
Do you guys ever take decorations and ornaments and instead of putting them on the tree hang them from the ceiling? It's really fun I like doing that a lot!! What have you guys done so far? Am I the only one so behind?


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